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Fall News!


Fall Events!

  • For information on the Duke TIP (4th-7th grade GT) come to parent teacher conferences: Sept. 25 @ HMS (6th/7th grade) or Sept. 26th at HIS (4th/5th)

  • Regional GT Parent night (see information at the end of this newsletter): October 3rd in Farmington OR Tuesday, October 8th in Rogers (same agenda for both nights).

  • NWA Fall Open Chess Tournament @ Don Tyson School of Innovation, Springdale on Saturday, October 5th. Contact Mr. Allen if you’d like to register!

  • STEAM day for 3rd and 4th GT, Tuesday, November 19th, Farmington**

  • Elementary (5th and 6th GT) Quiz Bowl, Thursday, December  12th, Farmington *

  • Junior High (7th-9th GT) Quiz Bowl, Friday, December 13th, Farmington*

  • High School GT Quiz Bowl, Monday, December 16th, Farmington

*Need 2-3 parent volunteers to attend **Need 1 parent volunteer to act as judge

Contact Jake Allen

Classroom Number:
WPS 22
School Phone:
479.738.2425 ext1222
Conference Time:
Tuesday-Friday 2:30 to 3:00